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KSUN is Sonoma State’s student-run online radio station and is a part of the Communication & Media Studies Department. At KSUN, students can produce and host their own show, as well as learn about radio and podcasting via production, programming, promotions, and social media. KSUN is a great stepping stone for any student who wishes to get into broadcasting, podcasting, journalism, public speaking, communications, music and more. 

The station is modeled after a real professional radio station, with managers and various departments where students gain real-world experience. KSUN Radio provides an opportunity for college students to learn about the radio industry and often opens the door to internships and industry positions. Students take on leadership roles, and many move onto the professional world of radio, podcasting, and media, in Sonoma county and beyond.


As part of the College Radio universe, KSUN has existed at SSU in various formats since the 1970’s. It started as a club, located over where Police Services currently is on Sonoma State’s campus, and operated out of the dorms. KSUN has been an online station since 2002.


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Gina Baleria, Ed.D., is an Assistant Professor of Journalism, Media Writing, Radio & Podcasting, & Digital Media, and the host and producer of the News in Context podcast, which airs on 102.5 KSFP in San Francisco and online. Her research & creative interests revolve around news and digital media literacy; podcasting; and digital engagement and communication across socially salient differences.


Dr. Baleria earned her doctorate from San Francisco State University; her Master's in Communication: Media Studies from Stanford University; and her Bachelor's in English with emphases in Film & History from UCLA. Prior to becoming a professor, Dr. Baleria was an award-winning broadcast & digital journalist at stations including KCBS Radio, KGO TV, & KGO Radio in San Francisco; KXTV & KFBK in Sacramento; and KCAL in Los Angeles. 

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